Food Drive for Families in Kentucky

We had shared the true Gospel of grace with these families and for four years we prayed for them,  and in the summer of 2010 they surrendered their life to Christ and were born again. Eventually they took a stand for their faith and were excommunicated from their Amish community. Being shunned by their families and friends as well as loosing their jobs. As winter set in and they still had not found any jobs, food started to become a concern. In their hour of need they turned to the Lord and began to pray desperately. They told few people of their need (we were one of those few).

We started praying for them and asking the Lord to provide for them. Earlier when they were facing excommunication for their faith, the Amish bishop told them that they better reconsider about following their new beleif, because they have families to feed and their jobs and income will come to an end if don’t repent and obey the church. These families told the bishop that they will follow Christ reguardless of the cost, so we begged our Lord to not let them suffer from a lack of food.

One night as I was praying for them the Lord told me to get up and do something about it. I was at a loss because we were having hard times that winter as well, and didn’t have money to send them. Through more prayer the Lord showed me to talk to our friends and our pastor about it, which I did the next morning.

It was amazing to see the Lord touch the hearts of our friends and church family to help out with food and money. Through our friends at New Harmony Church and others who so generously donated food and money, the Lord provided enough meat, food and clothing to last these families until spring when they could find work again. We were blessed to be able to take these things to Kentuky and bless these families in their newly found faith. God is so good, and is aways faithful!   Shared by Eli

A thank you video from the families in Kentucky who received the food, clothing and money donations.  Thank you, people of NHC and many others who answered Gods call and were faithful and compassionate!


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