Living in the Country 2011

This past year the Lord has blessed our family in too many ways to count. It has been a very busy year full of joy and peace in knowing that the Lord is always in control. Another year has passed that the Lord has blessed us with being able to spend time with lots of  family and friends. It seems 2011 has come and gone very quickly, but we praise God for every moment that we were able to serve him.
2011 began for us, trying to get settled into our new home. We moved in and are remodeling an old farmhouse. Then in February Dad & Mary had the privilege to go on a mission trip to South Africa for 2 weeks with some of our church family.

We were blessed to have enough land to plant about 2 1/2 acres of garden. It was a lot of hard work but also very enjoyable doing it with the family. The Lord blessed our efforts and we had a wonderful harvest.

The Construction business also did very well, capturing most of the guys time during the week.
Another thing that was a huge blessing is that our new home is right next to the river, a great joy for us kids, running down to the river for a swim nearly every evening after a long hot day of working in the garden or building homes. On Thanksgiving, a few of us decided to go swimming which ended up being a COLD experience but one I don’t regret.
In June, Dad, Mose, & Mary were able to take a trip to Nicaragua, spending 2 weeks there,  which has opened many new doors for us. Our family plans to move out into the rain forest of Nicaragua sometime in 2012 to minister to the Miskito Indians. (You can read more about this in my previous post.)  Mary moved to El Crecedo, Nicaragua in September and is currently serving at the New Hope Children’s Home there. You can read stories and updates from her at her blog (

We have had a very interesting year full of fun experiences. We pray that the lord will use us in the coming year to fulfill his purpose for our lives.

Here is a short video clip that I put together of our family over this last year. To watch click the link below. Enjoy and God Bless,  Sarah

5 thoughts on “Living in the Country 2011”

  1. Donna Halbrook

    Hi Sarah,
    You certainly have done a quality job with this website. Very impressive. Please could you introduce your family. A name and picture to go with it? God Bless.

  2. Hi sarah it is me ivan. The asian kid in the cfc Nicaraguan mission. My friend hannah and i were just wondering how you guys r doing. Can you give us your contact info? Hannah wants to keep in touch with you guys forever.

    1. Yes Ivan, I remember you. It was soo cool to get to meet you guys. I will send you an email with our contact information, or you can check it out here on the website. Thanks for keeping in touch.

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