Nicaragua Mission

This past June the Lord called us to move in with some precious people who are desperately searching for the favor of God. The Spirit of God has revealed to them that their native religion, which is a mixture of Catholicism and Voodo is not sufficient to bring them Gods peace and blessings.
Our plan is to move to the rain forest of north east Nicaragua the first part of 2012, to minister to the Miskito Indian tribes, and teach them the truth about God, His Love for them, and about salvation through Jesus Christ.
They are having a serious problem with their children dying from malnutrition and diseases that plague them. There are also many parents who die, leaving their children to fend for themselves, or be taken   in by a relative who can’t even feed his/her own family, so they usually  end up being seriously neglected and abused.
Much of the rain forest in this area has been cut by big logging companies, so the food source they have relied on for hundreds of years is gone. Therefore we are also planning to teach them how to raise food for their families through agriculture.
We are teaming up with New Hope Childrens Foundation to build an orphanage which we are planning to take care of when we get there. Currently there are 14 children who are waiting to go into this orphanage as soon as it is completed.
We will also be overseeing  the 3 feeding centers that New Hope has started in the area, feeding rice to the hungry, as well as sharing the Love and Good News of Jesus with them. We will be starting more feeding centers further up and down the river as resources allow. There are more then 120 Miskito villages along the Coco river that are eagerly waiting for us to come to their village to teach them about Jesus, and how to feed their families. What makes this even more challenging is the fact that almost all of these villages have no road access, only foot trails and the river. Please prayerfully consider being a part of this exiting mission through prayer or donation.


Miskito Indian Children

House of Hope Kisalaya

A Nice Nicaraguan Home

Heading up the River to hand out rice

Giveing rice to the needy

Miskito Indian Children  

A little girl we rescued

Surveying the land

Click the link below to watch a small clip of the Miskito Indian People.

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