Moving Forward

Dear friends, brothers and sisters,
Greeting you all in the mighty Name of Jesus. What an amazing Savior we serve!
  I want to give yall a quick update on how things are going here. We are extremely busy getting the house ready to sell and getting ready for the auction on the 2nd.
  And as for the more important things, like how the Lord is working out the details of ministering in Nicaragua, and our moving date. In the last month the Lord has been revealing some things to us about the ministery that we were planning to work with when we get there. We had planned to work with New Hope Ministeries as far as the childrens home, but it has become obvious to us that we can not work with that ministry and remain free to serve God as we are led by the Holy Spirit.
  So as we and many of you have been praying that the Lord would continue to lead us in the direction He wants us to go, and to show us whether we should still try to work with them or not, we have finally got an answer. A few days ago we heard from New Hope, and they said that they have made up their mind that there is no way that we will be a part of their project there. Their reasons were, we have just proved that we are not willing to do whatever they say to do, regaurdless of our convictions from the Holy Spirit, and we have a ministry/support group where people will be giving money to for the project, that in their mind should be funneled through their ministry.
  As hard as it was to not know how things are going to work out this last month, I praise God that He has made it clear to us now, so we can continue to move forward. We have had to stop and regroup for a minute. We know without a doubt that God has called us to go and minister to the Miskito Indians, so we are going. But because of this doing, we have postponed our moving date. A few days after our auction a few of us plan to go to Nicaragua and find the place where the Lord wants us to be, and then come back and move the family there.
  To me, this is what it means to walk by faith. We know that we are to go, so we will step out of the “boat” believing and trusting that God will guide our foot to the place where He wants us to be. The more I learn to walk by faith, the more I find that the reason it is hard for me to do it is, because I don’t trust God to do what He said He would.
   Just like the things that have “got in the way”, I praise God for, because I know that this is Him working out  the details of us getting to the place where He wants us to be, and teaching us lessons along the way. I love my Savior beyond words, and it is so exciting to be in His presence doing what He has called us to do. And I really appreciate all of you, for continuing to pray for us, so that we can remain strong, yet sensitive to the Holy Spirit, so we can make the right choices.
  Also, please pray that the Lord would give us favor with the chiefs or elders who are in charge of the villages, and the ones we will be working with who are in charge of the orphan children. May the peace and Joy of the Lord be yours as you seek to please our Master, Jesus Christ. Your brother, Eli Lee

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