In Awe

Dear Friends,
I am once again in awe of our wonderful God. He has taken the impossible and made it happen! About eleven month ago, after the Lord called us to go and minister in Nicaragua, I was praying about it and “explaining” to God why we couldn’t go, because we still had over $42,000 in dept at the bank, and I had no idea where we would get the money that we need to get  there, or after we got there.
   As I was praying the Lord spoke to me and said; “I didn’t ask you if you could, I asked you if you were willing.” I then said that I was willing, but just didn’t know how we could.  He responded back; “All I am asking from you is to be willing, I will work out the details.” So we made the choice to go forward in faith, believing that He would do what He said He would.
  Now almost a year later,we are completely dept free, and enough money has come in for the ministry account for transportation costs, and a good start of support money for our living expense and ministry costs when we get there. It is absolutely amazing!
  Eva, Chris, and I plan to leave for Nicaragua in Thursday morning. Since it has become obvious that we will not be working with New Hope Ministries, we will be checking out some contacts that we have as far as authorities and government agencies, to get the approvals and licenses/permits for a children’s home. We are believing in faith that God will reveal to us which village He wants us to move to for the ministry. We know that God already knows where He wants us to be, so please pray that we will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit so that we will hear when He speaks to us.
  We are very excited about what God will be doing for the Miskito Indians through our family and our team here in the states. We are convinced that He has great plans for these people who are hurting and hungry, and it is such a privilege to be used by Him to accomplish it. I want to remind you that all of you who support us by prayer or resources are part of our team, and God is going to use this team to accomplish what He has purposed to do.
  I also want to thank you for all the prayers and support up until now, because I am convinced that our Father hears the prayers of His children, and if those prayers are not selfish, but for things that glorify Him and bring about His purpose, He will answer them.
  Prayer requests: That God would give us favor with the government officials we need to deal with.
                            Favor with the village elders and tribal leaders as we figure out  where God wants us.
                            Us to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit for direction
                            Wisdom to make the right decisions
                            Safety as we travel, and venture out into the wilderness
                            Safety and protection for the ones at home.
  Thank yall so much, we appreciate you! Love in Christ, Eli

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  1. My daughter and I just returned from a mission trip in Leon, Nicaragua. I plan to return next year so, I have been doing more research, and came across your site. Perhaps you can contact El Ayudante? I’m sure that Vanessa could help direct you.

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