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Dear friends,
Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray this may find all of you well. We are all doing well here, and starting to make sence of this new language. We had our thanksgiving dinner tonight, and were able to share it with a very dear friend, Camille Wallace, a missionary girl from Oregon. We have so many things to thank our Lord for.
  I want to start by thanking those of you who regularly pray for us, to those who give regularly and those who gave toward our house materials. We have gotten in about a quarter to a third of the the $5500. needed for materials for the house, which we praise God for.
  It is hard for me to list the needs that we come up against, because I don’t ever want to ask for money, but I also know if I don’t do my part in sharing what is going on and what the needs are, we can’t expect to get the resorces we need to make things happen that God has called us to do. So as needs arise, I will write them down and trust God to touch the hearts of the people who He wants to be involved in that area of the mission.
  Besides needing another couple thousand dollars to pay the people for the lumber for our house next week, we need $600 to renew our visas on tuesday. Then today we found out that our belongings are about to be cleared by customs, but they are going to charge taxes on the boat, because they consider it a luxury vehicle. Even though we made it clear it will be for ministry purposes and humanitarian aid, they won’t clear it without taxes which are around $2300.
  We also heard this week that imigrations is working on our residency permits, which they didn’t say just when they will call us in to get them, but when they do we will need five to six thousand (as a deposit) to the government, in case they decide to deport us some day.
  All this can look over whelming, but I refuse to believe that the Lord has called us out here in this place without the proper resources planned out for us. But rather that this is but another test of our faith, to see if we really are willing to totally trust on Him for our provisions. It reminds me of the promise He made to me soon after He called us to come here, when I was explaning to Him why we can’t come, (because we didn’t have the resources). He told me; “I didn’t ask you if you could make it happen, I ask you if you are willing to go”. After I told Him I was willing, He told me; “I will take care of the details to make it happen”. And He has this far, and I trust that He will continue to.
  Next Wed. I plan to go to Waspam and sign the documents for the property in Krinkrin. I went a couple weeks ago to do it, but the judge of Waspam wasn’t there because of sickness and political unrest. Please pray for everything to go well, because things are in an uproar there the last 2 weeks about some disagreements they have with the goverment. The small flight from Managua hasn’t been going through because of it, but the bus from here to there has been going pretty regular still.
  The last several weeks we have been helping (with our time) on a new orphanage building here where we are staying (Verbo Ministries). The building is getting almost done, so every afternoon when we aren’t in class we are working on the bunk beds for the new girls home. There are 82 beds to make in all. They are hoping to move the girls in on the 20th of Dec. It will be so nice for the girls, because the old building is in bad shape and has very poor lighting inside.
  Thank yall so much for being a part of this mission to reach the Miskito Indian people along the Coco River. Please pray with us that the necessary resources would be here when they are needed. We love yall, and may God bless you, Eli Leah and family

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  1. Hello Eli Greeting is Christ Jesus , I can understand the many many needs and it truely is hard to face finacial uncertainty, but the Lord will supply! We have always had enought too eat and wear not always what we wanted. and our extention of stay is always a problem also .. God will see it through according to his will. It seems to me sometimes that if we just had more money to use we could be more effective,,, as time has gone on I see that when we are the hardest pressed and have the least and God asks us to give more is when the blessings grow fastest. So we will be keeping your needs in prayer as well as our own, resting asured that the Lord will supply. Daniel Lee Guyana South America

    1. Thank you brother! It is good to hear from you. We are praying for your family too, and for the work that the Lord has called you to do. I pray you are all well. Eli

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