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Dear Loved ones,

Greetings in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, in whom we trust and have eternal life. I will try to give yall an update about what’s going on in Nicaragua before we get disconnected.

As many of you know, we had a team of six skilled carpenters here from our church for 10 days to help build our house in Krinkrin. I am still amazed at how well everything worked out, and how quickly the house got built. Glory to God and thanks to all of you who prayed for the lumber to show up in time, and for things to go smoothly. We got it far enough along for us to move into, which we plan to do tomorrow Feb. 1st.

It was such a blessing to work with the team, and to just spend time with them. They all kept a good attitude all the way through, even through difficulty and sickness. The conditions there were much to be desired, and all but one ended up getting sick from a stomach bacteria of some sort. But through God and the help of a medication we had them bring, they got over it pretty quick.

The trip upriver didn’t happen the first day as planned, because the engine in our boat kept over heating, so we changed out the water pump with a new one we brought along, which didn’t help. But after much head scratching and watching youtube videos and reading forums about boats overheating, I’m convinced what the problem is, to which I plan on getting a part when we are back in the states in March.

Since our boat didn’t work out to make the trips, we had to use the local guys with the wooden canoe boats to get back and forth, and to haul our tools and the roof metal. At least a few of the guys have gotten a bigger motor recently, so the trips didn’t take as long as they have in the past.

We are so excited to be able to take this next step of the journey we have been on for almost two years. Finally we get to live in the community with the people the Lord has called us to work with. Even though we know there will be many challenges, we just love the people there, especially the children. And it’s exciting to have a home that is ours again, after about six month of “wandering in the wilderness”.

Now to the needs: The cost that I estimated for our house was pretty close, except I didn’t figure enough for transportation costs, the difference being about 8 to 9 hundred dollars.

The cost of building an outhouse is $500. (The one we use now is almost ¼ mile away)

The cost of a water cistern is $5200. (Right now our water supply is ½ mile away)

This is not a need for the ministry here, but we would love to go to our son Moses’ wedding in March. The cost of Leah and my tickets to go is 1 thousand dollars each.

I will try and attach a few photos of the house. If you want to see more photos, check them out on face book at EliLeah Lee. Thank yall so much for keeping us in your prayers, and for helping the way you do. We love yall and pray for you too. Eli with the Lee family

Check out a small slide put together of when the team was here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkv0W4Zng-M

2 thoughts on “Our New Home”

  1. Praise our Father! He is so Faithful. I am happy to hear of your progress. I Love hearing about the people there, and how the Lord is working out every difficulty. You remain in our prayers!

  2. It was a blessing to get to meet you and Mary while we were in Puerta Cabasas. Your testimony was a highlight to my trip. I am praying for you and your family. I believe God will use you to minister to your new village and that your lives will lead many to salvation in Christ. Blessings! Tammy

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