First week in our new home in Krinkrin (Sarah)

Dear: Friends
Greeting from Nicaragua!
I hope this letter finds all of you well and experiencing the love of our lord Jesus.
It is my privilege to write to you an update about some of the things that are happening in our life recently.
 As you probably heard in a previous update from my Dad, we were blessed with a team of six guys from our church, who came to help us with the construction of our home.
I had the honor as well as Mary and Eva to come along and cook for the team.
 They were the best team anyone could ever ask for, and many fond memories were made.
 When the team left Me, Eva, and Chris stayed here in KrinKrin and the Family moved up a week later.
 Since then we have been working on smaller articles of the house such as the kitchen, beds, ect.
It has been really exiting for me getting settled into our new home and into the community.
 It is amazing how well everyone seems to except our family. We have been told numerous times, including by the elders of the community, That we are now from KrinKrin, that we are no longer Mitikis (Foreigners)   but that we are now Miskitos. This is despite the fact that we still don’t speak the language very well yet.
 Communicating still comes hard for me, though we can get our point across to each other most of the time. I am looking forward to the day when I will be able to converse fully in Miskito.
 I believe God has given us the strength to adapt quickly to some of the everyday work that happens here in the community. I am also very thankful to my parents for teaching me how to work when I was young.
 One of the things that us girls have learned to do since we are here is, carry a five gallon bucket of water on our head, which can be a rather tiring job, up a steep muddy hill from the spring and back a half mile over rough trails. It is no easy job, but one I have learned not to mind to much. Plus it seems to connect us with the people here, seeing that we are willing to come down to their level. It does make it easier now that the dry season has started and we are not treading through boot deep mud anymore.
 One great blessing that is happening in the community right now is, that an organization from Managua sent a guy here to put a well into the center of the community. This is very exiting, and they had the hole dug and hit a good source of water, But the guy from the organization is very disrespectful and didn’t want to work with the elders of the community. It looked like the project was about to completly fall apart, but with God’s help we were able to step in and help bring things back on track.
All the glory to God, the well should be finished in one of the next few days. This will be a huge blessing for the whole community!
 Thank ya’ll so much for all your prayers and support. Ya’ll make the work we do here possible. It means a lot to me that we have many friends in the states and other places that are standing behind us.
Closing with much Love,
Sarah Lee

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