Aventures We Learn From (Renewing Our Residencies)

I’ll be back I assured my friends climbing aboard our boat to head down river to Waspam. My Dad, Mom, Benjiman, and a few of the village elders, and I soon reached Waspam, our boat making it in about two and a half hours. The next few days we spent in the government offices seeing after business

After business was seen after Dad headed back up river to bring the rest of the clan down to start our journey of renewing our residencies. (which we assumed only a few weeks) Mom and I stayed behind to move into a cheaper and more efficient rental house.

 A few days later after Dad and the rest of the crew came, we made the six hour road trip to Puerto Cabazas (Bilwi) where we were to fly out to Managua (the capital) the next day. After reaching Port where we stayed at Verbo ministries, Dad and Chris decided to go get our police reports done for the process of renewing our residencies.

Your Father was in an accident. He and your brother are fine but the young man on the motor cycle that hit him is in critical condition and they don’t expect him to live. They are holding your Father at the Police Station, someone told me. Lord what do we do, my mind raced. I quickly notified friends all across the world to pray. Laws here in Nicaragua are very harsh especially for foreigners. After a while of praying a peace settled over me knowing God was in control. I believed God would do a miracle. But hearing the news the next morning that the Young man in the accident had pasted away, by law making it nearly impossible for Dad to get out of prison before a year or two, My faith was shaken. Turning to the Bible reading God’s promises for his people I received a great peace. Knowing so many were praying and the support from friends from Verbo Ministries was a huge blessing for me.To read more details click on the link. https://religiontorelationship.org/2013/11/21/dads-accident/

At noon the Family flew to Managua leaving my Dad behind. My sisters Mary and Eva flew in from the States that evening. Talk about beautiful faces, I was happy to see them. With the help of our friend Pastor Victor we started the process.

 Only by miracles from God Dad joined the family in Managua a free man with a clean record on the evening of his birthday. 

 We continued with the process but soon found out it would take a lot longer then we had expected. We were out of money so we couldn’t go home and return, but we also didn’t have the money to stay. The owner Quest house we were staying at had helped us a lot already but even if she continued to give us a discount we still couldn’t afford it. The family sat down and discussed our options, but didn’t come up with much. When the owner of the guest house walked in we explained a little bit of the situation we were in. After talking with her husband they told us of another missions center that they had in El Crucero. (close to Managua) If we were willing to paint the house and pay a little for utilities they would let us stay there. What a huge blessing! Not only did we have a place to stay, we had something to do while we waited on the government.

 We also want to say a big thanks to Centro de Fe Esperanza y Amor for covering us legally this year.


 We celebrated four birthdays and Thanks giving while on this trip. Thanksgiving was a blessed day for our family. We fixed a thanks giving dinner and then everyone read a note of a few top things they were thankful for this year. We have so many things to be thankful for.


 During our stay in El Crucero Dad got to go back home to KrinKrin just to assure the people that we were coming back after all that happened, and let them know we will be late coming home.To read this amazing story click on this link. https://religiontorelationship.org/2013/12/20/visit-to-krinkrin/

 Painting the house was also a great time for our family. I can really tell our family has drawn closer together in this time.





 We were also blessed with Christian fellowship with other believers from the States here on short term missions. Christian Fellowship is something that we all really miss as we don’t get much of it in KrinKrin. They really blessed and refreshed us.



On the 13 of December we received our new residency cards. On Tuesday we flew back into Port starting the trip home.

 While we are gone the people will be carrying sand for the Children’s Home. And rather then being paid with money, a lot asked us to bring things for them, as there isn’t much at the little stores that are there. So while we were in Port we spent a whole day at the market shopping for clothes, dishes, ect.

Driving from Port to Waspam the bridge was being repaired so we had to wait for half a day before we could cross.


 We will be staying in Waspam for a few days to get the house ready for the teams that are coming. Then hopefully we will make it home just in time spend Christmas with our friends and neighbors in KrinKrin.

It’s been a long journey and I’m so ready to go home. But I am also thankful for the many things God has taught me and reminded me of on this trip.

I have been reminded so many times how little I am in control and how much God is. And even though I hadn’t known it God knew I needed a break, a time to rest, and refreshment.

 I am really excited about going home. And also that my Brother and Sister in-law will be coming right after new years. A family along with a few other friends of ours will be coming in January as well. The last part of January a team from our church will be coming to help with construction. And in February ateam will be doing a shoe box idea only it will be a family box. We are all really excitedabout seeing different friends and what God will do though these people.

 Thank ya’ll for your prayers. God is doing great things.

 God Bless and I hope you have a Merry Christmas.

Sarah Lee 

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