Urgent Prayer Request

Urgent prayer request: Some of you that have been here know Marcos and Karen. They are the only couple in our village that I have no doubt that they are born again. We have been able to disciple them and teach them a lot about the truths in the bible since three month ago when their baby was born.

She hasn’t been able to walk ever since the baby was born, because her one leg is numb and she can’t lift it. With several unsuccessful attempts to get the doctors in Waspam to check her out and tell her what the problem is, I finally brought her to Puerto Cabezas to have my doctor friend here check her out.

He checked her out with the equipment he had and got scared. He seems to think that when the doctor in Waspam gave her a shot in the upper leg he hit the femur nerve and damaged it. He wants to send her to Managua to have an MRI done to see exactly what is going on, but they don’t have the money to go. If we can we would like to send her on Monday the 7th. If this is what it looks like and she doesn’t get help, her future will not include walking, unless God decides to heal her miraculously, which is what we are hoping for.

I would love to take her to the Baptist hospital there, because their doctors have a little more training. The best I could figure on how much everything will cost to get the test done and do some electro shock treatment, with transportation and stay for a week or two, is around $3000.


She had some trouble with her pregnancy so a team member gave them money to go to Waspam to have the baby, and it’s a good thing, because while she was having the baby her uterus broke. They did emergency surgery and fixed it, but over the next ten days she almost died three times, because she kept loosing so much blood.

We allowed them to stay in our rented house in Waspam because she didn’t have a bed at the hospital, but only a blanket on the concrete floor. They finally did an ultrasound after ten days, but wrote a paper saying everything was fine and sent her away and told her to go home. She was so low that there was no way she was going to live through the twelve hour boat ride, so they stayed in Waspam for six weeks.

In that time they went to a privet clinic to see if they could help her. That doctor went to the hospital and got a copy of the ultrasound and found that two of the stitches in the uterus had come undone left a gaping hole there, which caused all the bleeding. But still the doctor at the hospital refused to do anything to help her, but tried to cover everything up so that he doesn’t loose his job or go to prison for malpractice. I’m convinced they wanted her to go away and die so they don’t have to deal with it.


Meanwhile back in our village, because people were jealous that we let them stay in our house in Waspam, and took care of their children while they were gone, they tore part of the roof off their house and stole all their rice and beans, except three bags that we rescued. They also stole all their cooking utensils, hand tools and everything with any value.

So when they did come back they didn’t have a place to stay, plus she couldn’t walk, so we took them into our house until we could fix theirs. From there some people went into their house and destroyed everything that was left and tried to burn the house down. They also cut their fruit trees down and killed all their pigs. So they were left with absolutely nothing except the clothes they had along.

While we were in the states we shared their story with a few people, and someone gave money to build them a new house, which we have started, and someone else gave money to buy them cooking utensils.

Would you please pray for Karen’s situation, that God would not allow her to be laid up the rest of her life, but would heal her in whatever manner brings the most glory to Him. And that He would give them peace and understanding as they try to make sense of why all this is going on right after they decided to follow God with their whole heart.

And if God puts it on your heart to give towards the medical costs, you can do so from our website or through New Harmony Church. Thank you for praying. Eli Lee

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