July 21st Update

Dear Friends,

Greetings to you in the name of Jesus. I hope yall are doing well. We are all healthy and able to work, which is a big blessing from God.

Since the ordeal when Solma got saved and delivered from those demons, there are so many more opportunities to minister to people Spiritually. There are several children in the twelve to fourteen year old range that are now coming for the bible studies. And a few of the young women from the whorehouse have started coming at times too.

Solma is coming every morning with her bible and really enjoys reading and studying it. She spends about half of her time at our house. Solma with her bible 2​She has such a hunger to learn, so we are giving her some lessons in math and writing every day, since there is no school above her grade level, and her grandmother does not want to send her to Waspam to school. She is so excited to have a daddy in her life, which she has never had. It is so rewarding and sometimes challenging to teach her how God says to do things, and how by choosing to do the right thing, even though it may be hard, will bring blessings, but by doing what “we” want to do can bring some serious consequences.



Update on Marcos and Karen, the lady who received an injection at the Waspam hospital that left her unable to walk; The money did come in to send them to Managua to the Baptist hospital, which we praise God for. We sent them and a nurse from Puerto Cabezas who knew Managua, but from there things seemed to have gone down hill. I will not be able to go into detail about this story, because of the nature of what happened, but as it turned out, the doctor from the Baptist hospital taught the doctor in Waspam in medical school, so with the help of the nurse who we paid to go along, there are now documents showing that there isn’t anything wrong with her.

This is extremely frustrating because now there is nothing further we can do for her medically. So tomorrow we plan to take them back up to our village, and pray that God will heal her in a way that will bring more glory to Him.

Since a few years ago when they started reading the bible they had a desire to get married, but the pastor there declined because they didn’t have an ID. and he couldn’t make legal papers. So a few weeks ago I talked to Pastor Earl here at Verbo Church about it, and he said he would marry them, so last night they got married! We brought all their children down too, so they could be here to see their parents get married. It was such a happy time! Back in KrinKrin we have their house started, with all the materials there, and hope to get it finished in the next month or so.Marcos and Karen wedding 2  Thank you for continuing to pray for them as they struggle with her not being able to walk. They are doing their best at keeping focused on Christ and trusting that He knows their trouble and that He cares about them, but it makes for some hard days at times when they can see the enemy conspiring against them.


The skinny season has made its way around again, and many of the families in our village don’t have any rice or beans to eat anymore. So tomorrow will be our first day of feeding the community again. This year we plan to do a meal three days a week instead of two like we did last year. It costs about $80.00 per feeding, which is $240.00 a week. We do have money for the first month or so, but hope to feed for about ten weeks, until the new rice gets ripe.

Progress is being made on the children’s home building, with most of the blocks being laid for the outside walls. We are still praying that God makes a way for the home to operate by the time the building is done.

Our legal papers for the ministry are still in congress, waiting to be approved. The sand has been carried that we need to fix up the medical clinic, and some more money has come in for the purpose of getting the clinic going, but we haven’t really done any work on it yet.

With so much more Spiritual ministry taking place, we just can’t be every place at once. We are currently praying for a volunteer or two to come help with the physical work, like seeing after the rice mill and or construction projects. These are jobs that we are trying to train the local people to do, but they aren’t ready to take it over yet.

Please pray that we don’t get overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done here, and that we will stay sensitive to the Holy Spirit as to what needs to take priority. We appreciate your prayers and support so much, thank you! Eli Lee and family.

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