Victories and Sickness

Dear friends,

Greetings to you in the Name of our precious and Holy Lord. He is so gracious and kind to us! We can always depend on Him to be with us and fight the battles for us, if we walk in the path that He prepared for us to walk through. And He is so kind as to give us His Holy Spirit so He can teach us where that path is. How could you not love someone like that? He is incredible!

Our family is going through a rough time physically at the moment, with most of them being down with malaria. There is a malaria epidemic in our village, and dozens of people are down with it. Praise God that the health ministry tries to train one person from each village how to test and treat the sickness, and supplies them with the medicines. The medicines were running out in our village, so I was able to send more up when I came downriver. But when I got to Waspam, Elizabeth who was with me got sick with what turned out to be tonsillitis, so I have been stuck there for several days, until today when she was good enough to make the trip to Puerto Cabezas. A couple days ago was the last I heard from the ones upriver on the radio, and they said that they were doing a little better, but Karen, the lady of the family that is living with us at the moment is still very sick, like at the verge of dying.

On the more exciting side, here is a piece that Sarah wrote about how God is working here; The bible study we have every morning has grown into much more then it was before. Last Friday morning as we were just getting ready to start bible study Jineth came and also sat thru the study. Afterward she talked to Dad. She had a dream that night; she was standing in a hole and dirt was crumbling down on top of her. She fought back but she couldn’t get out. Then a bright glowing man came and helped her out of the hole and told her “I will show you how to be saved”. When he said this she saw it was my Dad. Then she saw all her sins taken off of her and thrown in the hole and buried. After this she woke up and couldn’t sleep again. She told Dad that she knows if she would die she wouldn’t go to heaven. She wants to be saved but she wants to understand more first. Because she wants something that lasts, not just something that passes away. And so she has started coming to bible study every morning. She is very very sad at this point, as she is learning just how lost she really is, but we trust she will become saved soon. Your prayers are working! (A little history on Jineth; She is the girl that drank the poison a year ago to kill herself, and we were able to save her life with God’s help. Her parents are both bad witch doctors and have tried several times to cast a bad spell on us, but have found out that it doesn’t work on us. Marti who has come to bible study off and on, and dabbled with witchcraft in the meantime, is her brother.)

We are now doing two bible studies every morning. From 6:30 to 7:00 we do for the school children. Then when the people we hire to work come at 8:00, and we have adult bible study. This is just an amazing time. Every week we have different people working here. For example this past week we just happened to have some of the worst guys in the village working for us, a witch doctor, a murderer, a thief, a druggy, and a drunk. It was so amazing to see light bulbs come on as Dad explained salvation, and the difference between people that say they are Christians and people who have the spirit of God. Once one asked the question if a murderer could be forgiven? Here everyone says if you kill another person God will never forgive you. When this question came up the murderer just hung his head. Everybody listened with anticipation as Dad explained how Christ died for every sin and He has already paid the price for all the sins you have done, and all that you have to do is accept that gift. As Dad explained more the murderer lifted up his head with a new hope, and after that he had a strong desire to know more about Gods word. They are so hungry to learn, and they love being able to ask questions and share their opinion. The new believers are all doing well, continuing to learn about God’s truth and grace, and about continued surrender in all aspects of their life. With this there are always challenges to work through, but by the power of God and the help of the Holy Spirit, they are working through things and coming out victorious.

In the midst of these exiting things, there has been much opposition from the enemy. There are many more things I could write about, but will leave it with that for this time.

Thank you for choosing to be a part of this great work that the Lord is doing! I pray that you are as blessed as we are by the fact that He has allowed us to be a part of a work as meaningful as this. Saving lives physically, but more importantly, snatching precious human souls from the slippery slide that dumps into hell, and placing them into the Loving hands of our almighty God. This, of course this is something only God can do, but it’s great to be an instrument in His hands as He does His work. We love y’all, and pray for y’all too, as we really appreciate your prayers for our family and the people of KrinKrin. God bless y’all! Eli


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