Quick Update

Dear friends,
Just a few words to let y’all know that we are doing well. Sorry I can’t do a full update, but I didn’t prepare one beforehand and am very short on time. Rice harvest is in full swing and the rice huller is running every day. It works so well with the new bigger engine we got for it. Last week we had lots of rain every day, and the river got really flooded. The flood waters got within thirty feet from our house, but it’s gone back down by now. I am very concerned about the malaria coming back with all the standing water, since there was so much malaria in the area just a month ago. What I’d like to do is buy a mosquito fogger and take it along up, but don’t know if I could even find one on this side of the country.
  I plan to bring the whole family downriver on Nov. 10th to go to Managua and get our residency permits renewed. We will probably be there for about a month, so hopefully we will be able to do a few updates, pictures and stories during that time. I have promised some of you photos of different things and haven’t delivered them yet. Doing photos is a real challenge here, and especially in the last six month or so internet is next to worthless in Waspam, and even phone calls can be difficult. And I haven’t been spending very much time in Puert at all, just little quick trips.
  Thank y’all so much for your prayers and support! I know that I can’t state that strongly enough that you understand my heart, so I’m praying that God would bless your hearts with His peace and understanding, so that you may know how much you are appreciated. We love y’all! Eli and family

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