Another Update from Leah

Dear friends,

We are here in Managua for 3 weeks already. We plan to head homeward on Sat morning. We will be going upriver mid to last of the week as we will do business in Puerto Cabezas and Waspam. We got our residency permits a lot quicker then expected.

The last several days Eli and several of the kids have been going to the market and shopping for the Christmas boxes. 130 of everything! Our room that all of us are staying in is getting to be quite full.

Several have gone to the dentist here and gotten teeth filled or pulled. When we were in Mo this spring Eli got a tooth pulled and they had to take part of the jawbone and now he got another one pulled and it broke a chunk off his jawbone that came out with the tooth. It seems like his teeth have grown into the jawbone. He has a lot of jaw and teeth pains and is thinking he may just go ahead and get them all pulled and get dentures next year when we are in the states, if we can afford it.

We have had quite some experienses since we came back from the states. We came home to having to deal with a demon possessed 14 year old girl. They call it “crazy sickness”. We have dealt with several others with it  since. The scriptures take on a whole new meaning when it talks about demon possession now. The witch doctors are now angry at us and have numerous times tried to cast evil spells on us and have several times come up on our steps now with their curses, insects that have pins stuck through the heart, images of upside down crosses and graves on a paper and blood on the steps, which mean certain death, and we have seen it happen to others. We prayed over the papers with the curses and burned them and washed the blood from the steps. It is quite the feeling to wake up and find that on the steps at 2 o’clock at night. You can feel the darkness of the evil spirits but there is a peace that surrounds us like no other at such a time. We can feel God’s presence and know that we are surrounded by HIS Angles as well and know he is there with us.

The next day the witch doctors would keep “passing through” to keep an eye on us expecting us to die. But with God’s protection nothing happened, HE is so much stronger then the devil.  Then one time when that didn’t work they even tried to kill us by selling us milk they had been poisoned. But God protected us through all of that as well. When I bought the milk and poured it in our container, something was just not right but I could not see or smell anything different, so we fed a little of it to the dog but he didn’t want to eat it. Only took several licks and walked away. After several hours he was very sick and that evening we thought he will die but the next morning he was better.


It can be stressful with all that stuff going on besides our busy daily life. If we would have come on our own will we would have left a long time ago, but God sent us so we stay. On a personal level most of the people are still very friendly with us, It is just several evil people that are being used by the devil that are angry. And yes the people are upset that the witch doctors do this to us and it has been a witness of Gods power through all this. There is a big spiritual war going on and we don’t see half of it. This has been the devils territory for so many years and he is not willing to give it up easily. We know this is just the beginning and we don’t know what is ahead of us but we do know God is in control and in the end He will be glorified.

Keep praying that we will not focus on what the devil is trying to and getting accomplished but to keep our focus on our almighty God. There were days when we felt like God has let us down and forsaken us, when it seemed he was not hearing our earnest pleas and prayers. But in the end he showed us he was there and in control after all. He was just waiting so he could show off his power all the more.  Just thought you’d like to know so you know how to pray for us.

We are very busy with all we have going on. Eli is always on the go, seeing after the many projects we have going. Also spiritual and finnancial adviser and encourager for anyone that comes. Chris has been busy shelling rice and doing many other “man” jobs. Mary and Eva stay busy doing medical, listening to the people’s many ailments, handing out medicines, bandaging and stitching wounds. Sarah stays very busy with secretary work and managing many projects and carrying water from the well. Katie, Lizzie and I stay busy with keeping house. Even with the others helping us as they have time, we are busy. Making meals for 20 people 3 times a day, doing all our laundry on a washboard, cooking and cleaning all takes more time here then in the states where everything is so easy and modern.

John stays busy running errands and doing small chores and odd jobs, plus playing marbles and sling shot, swimming and fishing and doing his school work. Katie and Lizzie also do school whenever they find a chance.

Katie took her test and passed today. We are all so excited. That will help sooo much now that she is done with school. Lizzie wants to study hard in this next year and hopefully take her test next year. The test online is free but the diploma costs several hundred $$$ which we get. Four of the girls have done it now.

Thank y’all for your continued prayers and support! Leah Lee and family

2 thoughts on “Another Update from Leah”

  1. Sarha Pereslete

    Thank you all so much for working so hard to keep us all updated.! you are all in our thoughts and prayers. ive been reading your posts on FB and it always brings me more thought on the path of Christ..
    The Blessed Lord Bless you and keep you always,
    Love in or dear Jesus Christ, Sarha

  2. God is SOOO Good!! Keep on keeping on. Would like to come and visit. Keep loving them – everyone. Love never fails. The enemy can not stand/hold his ground when we love ’em. Pray God’s protection over you and that the Holy Spirit will hound the enemies and draw them to the Love of the Lord that they come to know the same Love and serve Him too! God’s Love is awesome!!!
    Don’t give up. Don’t ever come to the place where you think you got it all figured out, be like children.
    When children have good parents, they never worry about food on the table, money to pay the bills, roof over their heads, cloth to ware, they just expect the parents to take care of all that. We have a Father that is the best – he is called LOVE and many other perfectly awesome names. We also have an older brother named Jesus that showed us Love. The Holy Spirit Guides us and with these three, we should never fear anything. Ohh God is Good! Blessings my friends!!

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