Heading Back

Dear ones,
Our time in the States has expired. It was a wonderful time to spend with so many of yall who we love dearly. There are still many who we didn’t get to see, which saddens me, but there just isn’t enough time for us to run around to see everyone. That’s why we put the word out in the beginning for yall to come to us this year, which many did, and we are so thankful for. It was overwhelming at times to see how much yall cared about us, and to what length you went to to bless us. Thank yall!

​ ​It was also amazing to see God touch so many hearts about getting involved with His work in Nicaragua. I am excited and refreshed, ready to head into this next year, not knowing what God will bring about in this next year, but being convinced that it will be good. I pray that yall might share in our joy of serving the Lord and the Miskito people. I was just reminded again, really how much more I enjoy being in this remote place where the Lord called us to, dealing with people in a culture hundreds of  years in the past, than being in a culture where “Stuff” is worshiped.
Being a Holy Spirit sensitive Christian is easier here than it is in the United States. Here, if you aren’t sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading, you get clobered by the enemy. There the enemy uses different tactics, like trying to make us believe that if we had “That” we would be happier. And in our pursuit of it we are focusing on ourself instead of God, so the enemy wins our time, effort, and resources, which is our worship.

About the bridge that is out between here (Puerto Cabezas) and Waspam. Many of you saw my post on facebook, but for those of you that haven’t, I will include a photo here.

2015-06-14 13.18.56


I have heard several reports about when it will be fixed, but some of those have already proved to be wrong. Tomorrow I plan to take a bus to the river, and go across the river by canoe or walk across the bridge if possible, and then get on another bus on the other side and go on to Waspam. Hopefully this information I got is accurate. I hear there is a little of supplies getting through that way too, and some boat gas is being gotten along the river on the Honduras side.
Leah and Lizzie flew direct from Managua to Waspam, and went upriver today. Chris came downriver yesterday to see after some things, and said that things are well at home. Hopefully I can go upriver on Sunday. Thank y’all for your prayers! Love y’all! Eli Lee

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