April Update

Dear friends,
Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I will try to find enough time to write an update again. I know it has been several month since I’ve sent one.
These last four month or so have been extremely trying and difficult here. It has been a time when we have had to continually choose to keep our focus on Jesus Christ for everything, from general direction, short term direction, daily work, Spiritual discernment, teaching, preaching, and interaction with people in general.
It has been a time that it was hard to not become discouraged. Ministering and teaching has taken on a different form from what it was to start with. Most of the people in this village have heard the truth now, so they are no longer ignorant, and they have had to make a choice. The choice they had to make was not an easy one. It was whether they were willing to leave their life of sin that they and their forefathers had always lived in, or continue on like they had always done.
After all,  their preachers over the years had always taught them about God and about Jesus, and they had always told them that guys and girls sleeping together was Ok, because that is the way God intended it to be. In fact if a young couple wanted to get married before they had lived together for six or eight years, the preacher almost refused to marry them, because they don’t even know if they can get along yet.
And if a preacher went to another village to preach, it was common practice for him to sleep with a young girl of his choosing, and if the girl wanted to refuse (because she was only 12 or 13 years old) she would likely get whipped and beat by her father until she gave in.
And they also preached that if someone is sick, you pray for them and then go bring the witch doctor in to do his medicine. So our teaching that the two can’t work together, seems like rediculasness to them. They tell their people that the bible says to seek and you will find, so praying and not going and seeking help from what they know is stupid and will never end with good results, even though they have seen God miraculously heal a few people who have chosen to put their faith in God alone.
Unfortunately almost all of them have made the choice to go on like they have always done. But because they are no longer ignorant, but have heard the truth and have chosen to not believe it, or just don’t want to leave their life of sin, God has taken to teaching them with the full consequences of their choices. And when they make that choice to not follow after God, it’s like that opens the door for Satan to enter their life and destroy them. They believe Satan’s lies and therefore make horrible every day choices that leads to their destruction.
Several that were more closely connected with us as far as work have also chosen to not obey God’s teaching, and have taken on the role to destroy us and the work that God is doing here. But by the grace of God all their scheming has been in vain, and God has taken all those things and made an example out of them. Through those trials, people all along the river are hearing about how God is saving us from these evil schemes and the traps of the devil. There is much talk about what kind of power we have. Some say it must be from God, while others say that we have learned the deep levels of witchcraft.
It is awesome to be a servant of the most powerful being that exists! Even though we know we have nothing to worry about, being a human being in the midst of all the things that come at us and are thrown at us, it’s sometime hard to not look at the the things around us.
Thank you for your continues prayers and support! Please pray that we will be able to keep our focus on Jesus no matter what, and not get side tracked by all the earthly garbage around us. We appreciate y’all!  Eli Lee

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