Accomplishments in the first 3 years

Religion to Relationship Ministries
Material Accomplishments in Nicaragua 2013, 2014, and 2015

• Built our house in the village of KrinKrin.
• Finished a new well that provides clean water for over 500 people in the village of KrinKrin. (Which caused the sicknesses in the village, caused by dirty water, to go from 200 @ month to 15 @ month)
• Treated over 7,500 people from 19 villages along the Rio Coco at our house by giving medicine, suturing cuts and caring for broken bones before there was a nurse.
• Provided 152,952 Cordobas ($5665.00) worth of medicines for the clinic in KrinKrin after MINSA sent a nurse to the village, in the times there wasn’t sufficient medicines.
• For three consecutive years, for a period of 9 weeks in the “skinny season” when there was a food shortage, we provided a total of more than 21,240 prepared meals in the village of KrinKrin.
• Bought more then 60,000 pounds of food and took upriver for KrinKrin and the surrounding villages, and sold it at cost so people could better afford it.
• Donated 72,200 pounds of rice to families in various villages where their crop was lost because of flooding and other causes.
• Organized several medical clinic days for medical professionals and dentists to come to KrinKrin and provide medical attention to many.
• Transported or provided finances to take 94 people from along the Rio Coco to a hospital or clinic for medical attention.
• Donated food and other resources for 14 funerals.
• Bought a rice huller machine and hulled more then 400,000 pounds of rice, so the people can get a better price for the rice they sell, and cut out the strenuous work of manual hulling for food.
• Bought about 50,000 pounds of rice at harvest time and stored it, then sold it back to the people at affordable prices when they need it.
• Rebuilt 3 widow’s houses and donated nails and other resources for 24 new houses in KrinKrin and other villages.
• Built a new house for a family who lost everything, due to a serious medical condition.
• Provided daily food rations to 10 families; widows, old people, and people with physical problems who can’t raise enough food for themselves.
• Started two experiment gardens to find ways to grow more food in the area, with more sustainable practices.
• Got construction well underway of a safe home for up to 30 children who have no one to provide for them or are seriously abused.
• Fed and nurtured five children every day at our house who have no other provider.
• Provided funds to pay teachers for school in KrinKrin from 4th through 8th grade the last part of 2014 and for the year 2015. (government provided through 3rd grade)

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