Dec 1st Update

Dear loved ones,
First of all I want to thank you all for praying for us during these trying times. I am convinced that it is only because of the prayers of the saints that we are still here today. Satan is not giving us any slack, but the harder the trials the more powerful God shows himself.
We had asked you all to pray about the situations here in the village, including about the little girl Derlin that stayed with us. I am sad to say that today she is no longer with our family. She made some very bad choices and was not willing to repent, but continued to follow after her own desires, so we finally had to just remove her from our home In human terms things have not gotten any better here in the village either, with the village’s most evil people still being in the lead. But for every evil plot that they come up with, God has a remedy to stop it.
We have also not yet gone to Managua to get our new residences. We applied for a five-year permit this year, which has not yet been approved, so the whole renewing process has been pushed back. We expect to hear from them soon and receive a date when we need to be there.

A highlight for us this week was a young couple who we have discipled for the past year, getting married. These two precious young ones have had no chance at life. He was thrown out my his mother as soon as he was born, because she got pregnant with a male whore who left the day after. He was taken care of by a couple from KrinKrin, but he was mocked and ridiculed all his life because of his mothers choice, and because he was born with cleft palate and can’t talk right.She was brought up by her grandma, because her mother and her father were both prostitutes and she never knew them. She too was considered less than trash all her life, and mocked wherever she went. But because of all that rejection and hurt, and having no one who cared about them, they leaned in when they experienced the Love of God at our house. We have been teaching them for over a year now, and they are soaking it up. 

Last week they took the step of getting married, because they don’t want to live in sin anymore. This decision too has brought them much insult, because marrying so young is not accepted in this culture. Even most of the pastors teach that you have to live with someone for at least five or ten years before you can know if you want to be married to them or not. But they are willing to do what they understand God requires, regardless of what people say.
They come here almost every morning for bible study time, and spend most of their time here with us, because they love the peace that is here on our property. He is building a little house for his adorable little wife, which we are helping with the things that they can’t afford like nails and gas to cut lumber.

 So would you please pray for them, that God would give them understanding as to what salvation really looks like, as He reveals His Love and Peace to them as they step out in faith to follow after Him. That He would continue to give them the courage to make the right choices even though the strong current of the culture is against them for it.

Since the last update we went over into Honduras to a conference that we got invited to. It was a very productive and encouraging trip. We also signed a contract with a radio station in Porta Limpida Honduras to air one of our recorded teachings every day. It is exciting to see how God is making a way to get His word to get out to so many, even in the midst of such opposition from the enemy.

We really appreciate yall sticking with us through the thick and the thin! Please forgive me for not being a better communicator. We love yall!! Eli for the Lee’s

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