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Dear friends brothers and sisters,

Thank you all for your prayers and support for the work of the Lord in Nicaragua. Leah and I came back to the States for our yearly updates the first part of June. I am on my way back home now, but Leah is staying for the new grand baby that’s coming the first part of September. I apologize for not putting out an email with our plans when we first got there. I had written one and thought I sent it, but later realized that people hadn’t got it. After investigating I realized it had never sent.😞
Our daughter Lizzie who has been sick and went back to the States about 3 or 4 months ago is doing much better now. The defective heart valve that was causing her problems ended up not being the root of the problem. After much testing and searching the doctors found that she had celiac disease, which is an allergy to all wheat products and gluten. It had poisoned her system to the point where her heart is about to give out. Once she cut all that out of her diet she immediately got better and has been regaining her strength since. She will be staying in the states for a few more months to gain her health back before she comes back home.
Our time in the States has been really good, connecting with friends, family and many of yall, our support team. Thank yall for being on our team! We don’t take it lightly, that yall trust us with the responsibility of administering God’s resources the way He would have it done.
This visit I’ve been encouraged to see the amount of people who have a desire to go deeper then the normal Christianity we see a lot. I believe God is doing a work in many, bringing them to the point where they realize that the way things have always been done isn’t necessarily the way God desires it to be. But that he desires to lead and guide each one individually according to his great wisdom and knowledge, to fulfill his plans on this Earth. There is so much work to do yet, so many people that need to hear and understand what the love of Christ looks like.
 And to see Christians realize how much Freedom and joy there is in total surrender to Christ, is refreshing. I believe God is raising up a new generation that will be going out with power to fulfill His plans, as more and more are understanding that salvation is not just adding Jesus to your life, but if they want a Saviour they also need to surrender to Him and give Him permission to be the Lord of their life.
I’m also encouraged that God has made a way for us to be involved in Ministry to the Amish people as well. We were part of a four-day Spiritual Revival or Crusades in the middle of Amish Country Ohio. God is doing a great work among my people, the Amish. And I’m excited to be a part of it! There are already plans being made for next year, when we hope to have a few more of these Crusades.
I know many of you are wondering how our safety is in Nicaragua. I was all over Managua yesterday and today, and things are pretty much back to normal now by what I can see. The political unrest has definitely taken a toll, and it’s been heartbreaking to see all the chaos and destruction. But where we are out along the river everything is pretty normal. The uprising was about people trying to overthrow their president, a lot like the riots in some of the cities in the states 4 to 6 month ago. There has been a lot of violence and killing but again, there has been no direct danger to our family in KrinKrin.
 The work of leading and teaching the people of our six churches has kept us pretty busy this last year. It is encouraging to see them understand some of the foundational truths about God, and start making the right choices. In a culture where the very fabric that holds it together is total immorality and witchcraft, making the right choice often means being ridiculed and attacked by their fellow tribesmen. Satan is so in control of the culture that literally everything comes against those who choose the road of righteousness. (Like stealing or destroying everything they own, including their animals)
Thank you for your continued prayers for us and our ministry. Please also pray for the ones who are making decisions to follow after Christ. To God be the glory! Written by Eli Lee

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