Ministry Update from Sarah

It’s a beautiful Saturday forenoon; from my window where I sit at my desk I can look out across the village, cows and horses grazing, ladies preparing to cook the noon meal on their wood fire boxes, little boys walking on homemade stilts, and little girls running down to the wet-weather creek to fetch water for their mother to scrub their house. The month of constant October rains has left the village one muddy mess and we expectantly await the November winds to maybe dry the land out just a little, (and maybe, just maybe a little less rain and a little more sun) along with cooler evenings. A breeze has picked up and blows through my window across my face; outside on the porch the sound of the noisy wood planer wines as rough cut lumber is fed through the blades; the boys are working on making foldable benches for Bible classes and other group events that we host. These will be super helpful as before we have always just set up makeshift benches, stacking lumber on top of cement bags or whatever we could find that worked.We hope to be hosting another intensive discipleship course at the end of November for the people of KrinKrin as well as a few pastors and church leaders from other villages that have asked if they could attend. We will also be hosting a large meeting next week with the little churches scattered along the river that have asked us to take them under the ministries wing.

My Dad mentioned in a previous update that we were needing a new small boat motor for traveling from village to village visiting churches and pastors. We are happy to announce that we now have the motor in hand and will begin using it this upcoming week. Thank you to all who gave to help make this possible!Until next time! In Christ, Sarah Lee

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