Christmas Is In The Air

Mud covering my rubber boots, eyes red from smoke of the wood cook fires, exhausted and dirty I sat down on the makeshift table/bench and began sorting out the rice that had slipped through the huller unshelled. I had gone along to Kitaski (several villages upriver from KrinKrin) where we were hosting a large meeting with church leaders from along the river (the churches that asked us to take them under the ministry’s wing after their own leaders abandoned them). Chris and Marcos had picked up 70 plus people the day before and brought them there by boat, and I had come along to help cook.
“What is your name,” I asked the young lady who had stopped by the temporary kitchen to help out for a minute. “Velma” she replied and began helping me sort the rice for the evening meal. For a while Velma and I sat in silence our fingers busy sifting through the thirty pounds of rice while the other ladies chattered away about dishes and clothing.
 “My favorite utensil that I have in my kitchen is the knife that we got in the family love tubs almost two years ago,” stated Perla, one of the cooks. “Me too” chimed in Mali pouring water into the huge aluminum pot, “I had wanted a knife like that for years but was never able to afford one so when I saw one in the tub I was beyond happy.”
 “Our village was really fortunate that the Americans agreed to take the lead of this little church, because the things in that tub were all things we use every day,” added Velma, obviously thinking we gave the love tubs to the village of Kitaski because we oversee a church there. “No,” Perla stated stopping what she was doing, “when they gave us the love tubs they still hadn’t even been heading up this church. Just think about it, Mali and I aren’t members of their church; we’re Moravian but we all got tubs! Remember, before they handed the tubs out to us they said that it was a gift of God’s love, and that God’s love isn’t bound under different denominations.” “That is so true” added Velma solemnly letting the thought soak in for a minute. All the ladies nodded their head in agreement then went on exclaiming amongst themselves about the different items that were packed in the love tub and how they still use them daily. I smiled to myself happy to know that they still used the things given them two years before, but mostly because the message had come through that this was more than just a handout, it was a gift of God’s love toward them.
 With a welfare mindset being very dominate among the people here I sometimes struggle with giving out the love tubs, afraid that they will just take it for granted and further this mindset. Yet when I am able to here that the message really did come through clearly it makes me very excited about doing it again. As the time approaches and we are starting to order things to pack into these love tubs I am so grateful for each of you that have given to pack a tub full of necessity items for a Miskito family. I pray that you will be blessed for your contribution!
Chris and Marcos continue to make lots of trips up and down the river visiting local churches and dealing with constant issues that arise. The new small 20HP motor has hardly gotten a break since the day we got it; it is such a huge blessing! Continue to keep Marcos and Chris in your prayers as their work is no easy one.
The weather here is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, breezy and less rain, even cooling down to 70֯ degrees some evenings sending us on a search for our sweaters and blankets. Christmas songs can be heard ringing across the property throughout the day and anticipation rises as the days are counted down till the rest of the family joins us here for the Holiday.
 Plans are in the making for a village Christmas party! Each of the 110 families from KrinKrin will receive a flash light and some candy, names will be drawn for door prizes such as a blanket, cooking pot, machete, buckets, and brooms, and a few toys for the children. There will be snacks to enjoy along with lots of fun and games. We are super excited to be able to do this with the whole village!
I hope ya’ll have a very blessed Christmas!
In Christ, Sarah Lee
-Remember to count the blessings that you God has given you today! –

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