Grateful for God’s Protection

Dear partners in the work of Christ.

What an amazing opportunity God has given us to be involved in building His Kingdom, that will stand forever! That he has made us worthy and acceptable for such a great work! The more we see the value of human souls being saved from the kingdom of darkness and eternal agony into the Kingdom of light and eternal freedom and glory, the easier it is to surrender and devote all of our time to the work of Jesus Christ instead of following after our desires and things that are considered precious in this present age.

Our enemy the devil is no fool when it comes to tact. He has learned the weaknesses of human beings, and unfortunately he has the great majority of the people in this world blinded and following after him and his lies, because they refused to take the Word of God seriously.

Unfortunately most of these people are pastors who call themselves “Christian”. These attacks have manifested themselves in various forms, including lying about us and slandering us on Public Radio encouraging violence toward us, dragging us into court on false charges (10 different times), numerous attempts to try and get us expelled from the country, several assassination attempts, several attempts at poisoning us, a few kidnapping attempts, a steady stream of curses from witchcraft, along with many other things.

God is an amazing Father, and always follows through with His promises! Even though our time here continues to be a challenge, by God’s grace we are still here, and the work of His kingdom is still going forward. He continues to protect us from the continual attacks from those who have taken it upon themselves to fight against the work of God.

These are some of the very people that Satan has used for years to keep the Miskito people along this river bound up in spiritual darkness and poverty, and he is not willing to let that slip from his hands. This is another one of those stories like we read in the Bible where it explains the situation, and then says, “But God…” Everybody along the river knows by now that if it wasn’t for God, there is no way we would still be here. This is why God has not shut these evil ones down yet, because by allowing them to harass us to the extent that they have, He has been able to show his power not only to a few, but to all who live along the river.

We so appreciate every one of you who prays for us and the work here! These battles are fought mostly by prayer, and even though you are not here with us on the ground, you are as much a part of this work as we are. Also to the ones who give financially. Thank you so much for making it possible for us to stay here physically, and move from one place to the other as needed in fighting these battles, as well as continuing to minister God’s Word in various places. There are thousands of Miskito people who are eagerly watching and waiting to see if this Hope is really real that we teach about. Weather there really is such a thing as freedom from all the fear and bondage they have known all their lives. And God is faithful and showing them that He is real, by not only defeating those dark powers, but also by making a public spectacle of them. His plan will prevail! For He is good!

This calls for patient endurance on the part of the people of God who keep his commands and remain faithful to Jesus. Revelation 14:12. No, it is not easy. But when we think about the value of a human soul (the life of Jesus Christ), then there is nothing else in life that would be more worthwhile doing then this.

On another note: Many of you know that Leah had hysterectomy surgery 2 years ago, which went really well and she recovered well from it. At the time of examination they also had found that she has lots of gallstones, but she wanted to try natural remedies first to see if she could dissolve them. Recently she started having issues and had another examination a few days ago which found she does need surgery to remove her gallbladder.

She will need to have it removed soon, so we are planning to go to Managua next week to hopefully have the surgery. Because of the short notice we haven’t been able to put out an email about raising funds for the surgery until now. But God knows all of that, and I believe he will have the funds there by the time of the scheduled surgery in just over a week from now. If you feel led to give toward this expense of $4500, you can do so by mailing your check to:

Religion to Relationship Ministries PO Box 345Houston, Mo. 65483
Or you can give online at
Make sure you mark your donation for Leah’s Surgery. Thank you! May the Lord bless you for your generosity! Thank you for being on our team! Eli Lee 

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