God is Faithful

Some of you may remember one of our updates a few years ago when we went to a conference way downriver of about a thousand people, where we played a couple of dramas (skits) and preached God’s Word. This story I’m about to share happened a few days ago, but is tied in with what happened at that conference.

This true story may take some by surprise that God would still do something like this, but please read this with an open mind and allow God to reveal Himself as God who has not changed from who He has always been, neither has He lost His ability to come through for His people who seek Him diligently.

I went to the signal spot to check my messages for the day, and found a message from one of the Believers (Karen) who had traveled to the town of Bilwi, which said, “Please give me a call.” Upon hearing her voice I realized there was a sense of urgency as to why she had requested my call.
When I called her, she said, “Last night after I laid down to sleep an angel of the Lord came to me and said: ‘There’s a woman who was at the conference in the village of Wasla a few years ago, who saw and heard the teachings the Lee family did there. Eli also spent time teaching her many things about God. After thinking about it a lot she chose to believe it and put her faith in God. Since then when she faces a trial in her life, she remembers those teachings and takes her trouble to God in prayer and trusts Him with it. God has been answering many of her prayers because she has chosen to put her faith in Him. A while back her husband had gotten really sick, to the point of death. She kept praying to God and asking him to intervene, and God answered her prayer and saved her husband’s life. But right now she has huge trouble on her hands, and continues to cry out to God day and night asking him to help her. She is at the hospital here in Bilwi. You go talk to her tomorrow, and she will tell you what her trouble is.’ And then the angel left.”
Karen went on to tell her story about how that day, even though she had no idea who this woman was or what she looked like, in obedience to the angel of God she went over to the street that led to the hospital. As she was walking she met a woman who greeted her and said,”Hi, you work with the Lee family and their ministry in KrinKrin, right?” Then went on to explain how she got to know us at the conference in her village a few years earlier, and how our teachings had impacted her life and her faith in God.
When Karen asked her what brought her to Bilwi, this is what she said: “About a week ago a couple of my young daughters were playing in front of my house when a few horses came running through. The little girls tried to get out of the way, but the three-year-old stepped in a hole and fell. One of the horses ran over her and broke her leg really bad, so that the bone was sticking out into the dirt. By the time we got her to the hospital in Waspam a few days later it was infected so bad that they sent us on to a better hospital in Bilwi.” She continued as she wiped a few tears from her cheeks, “The doctors told me they can’t save the baby’s leg, and that she is likely to die even if they take the leg off,” she sobbed.
“The hospital told me they do have a nurse going with a few patients on the small plane to Managua tomorrow where they have better facilities,” she continued, “and could take my daughter along, if I can get to Managua myself. But I have no money to buy a bus ticket, or any other means to get there, and if I can’t get on tomorrow mornings bus they won’t take my baby either. All the people I’ve asked for help have not been willing to help, because nobody knows me here. But I continue praying and believing that God will somehow make a way for me to go so my baby can get all the help possible. Every time I start to lose hope I remember the teachings of pastor Eli, and how God has proved Himself to me so many times since then, so I feel confident that He will make a way somehow.”
Karen paused, and then said, “I didn’t have enough money to send her, so I wanted to talk to you to see if you could help her.” It was already late afternoon, but we devised a plan on how to get her the money she needed to go the following morning. I praise God for coming through for those who put their trust in Him. Would you please pray with us that God would save the little girl’s life, and even her leg? Also for the mother’s needs while she is in Managua. As we get more information about the outcome, I’ll try to do a follow up update. Thank you to all of you who support us through prayer and resources so we can continue to minister to the Miskito people. Update by Eli Lee

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