Thinking Back

A photo of our house when we first moved to our village 7 years ago. Little did we know what all we would encounter in this time. But God has made it clear to everyone by now that He is the one who established the foundation of this ministry, and that even though the powers of darkness have tried with all might to hinder, intimidate, stop, destroy, disable, and remove the work of the Gospel of Christ here along the river, they have not been able to do anything except expose their own evil motives.

Thank you to all who have partnered with us through prayer and financial resources to bring hope to the hopeless. As the people keep hearing the true message of the Gospel, and see those who have for years used the powers of darkness to keep this place subdued and helpless run their nose against a power that they can’t overcome, the spark of hope is starting to grow. Please continue to pray for this work. That the Holy Spirit would continue to give the people understanding of the Word of God as they hear it.

Also pray for laborers in the harvest fields. We are in serious need of more hands and feet to carry out the many opportunities God is giving us here. Some of the areas where we are needing more help are: Teachers, audio and video capturing and editing, doctor or nurse, construction foreman, farming/gardening foreman, children’s ministry, and general helping hand. If you know someone who has one or more of these abilities and has a heart for missions, please kindly share this with them. Thank you! We appreciate every one of you!


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