Road Closed

To our dear ones who we care about, and who care about us. We had plans to fly to the States today, but it didn’t happen. When we got to Managua they had the borders closed, and we couldn’t get out of Nicaragua. So we are a little bummed out about it, but we know God will make a way when His timing is right. We will turn around and head back to our home in KrinKrin for now, rejoicing that the Lord is good. When we compare this disappointment with many other things that could have happened, it reminds us just how blessed we really are. Yes, as humans we have shed some tears about having to give up seeing our loved ones that we were just a few days away from seeing. But over all, we are very blessed. Thank yall for the continued prayers and support for us and the Lords work among the Miskito people. We appreciate yall!

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