Hurricane Eta

Thank yall for praying for us and for Nicaragua. We are well, and praising God. The main storm did not hit our immediate area, so we didn’t receive any wind damage here, though I’m sure some areas did. We had over 7 inches of rain in just over 24 hours, so there is lots of flooding. The storm’s path as it went further inland and crossed over into Honduras dumped huge amounts of water, which is all trying to come down the Rio Coco. Even though it didn’t rain much here today, the river is still coming up. It is out over the banks in many places already, and backed up into all the smaller waterways. We are preparing to evacuate our villagers and the neighboring villages if need be. Our signal got knocked out as soon as the storm hit, and we weren’t able to communicate until a few hours ago when the signal came back on. We will try to keep yall updated as to what happens, and how yall can help if led to do so. Thank you.

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