Hurricane Iota

Nov. 18th. Thank yall for your prayers. We are well, praise God! The brunt of the storm has past, but still raining some. A few houses blew down in the storm, and the water is rising rapidly. We’ll see how high it will come up this time, because it is coming up much faster than the last time. Likely it will be higher than last time the way it’s looking. We appreciate yall greatly!

Nov 20th. Praise God! The water is actually going down today. It crested at about 12 last night, and by tonight has receded about 4 feet. We appreciate all your prayers, there’s a lot of damage, but nobody from our village died from the storm or the flash flooding. There are a few less houses though. We were able to rescue 4 guys yesterday who were floating down the river in a house they were trying to tie down when the up pressure from the wood wanting to float jerked the posts out of the ground and took them for a ride of their life. It has been quite hectic the last few days helping people evacuate, and taking most of our things to higher ground. It’s been different to run our boats all over the village through the normally small rainy weather ditches. Now for cleanup, repairs, getting things back into there places, and then helping rebuilding.

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