Slow Recovery

A month has past since the last hurricane and all the flash flooding. What a month it has been. Things are finally back to somewhat normal as most of the things are getting back in place, except for the families who lost their homes. Lots of repairs on homes, and trails cleared of fallen trees. A big thank you to all of you who have been praying and giving what you can so we could do what was needed during this time.

Our bodies are tired and energy is low, but we are praising God for all the opportunities He gave us to demonstrate His love in a time when many were on the verge of despair. We are starting a program to help the people of this village and other villages along the river with corn and vegetable seeds. Since much of the plantains, bananas, and cassava got destroyed, other crops that produce quickly will be necessary to avoid severe food shortages in the next six to eight months.

We hope to give each family a seed package with 5 pounds of corn and a variety of other vegetable seeds so they can raise food that can be harvested during this time of serious need. If you or your church group would like to help provide for these seed packages, you can do so from the contribute tab, or by sending your donation to: Religion to Relationship Ministries PO Box 345 Houston, Mo. 65483

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