Pregnancy Resources for the Miskito People by Eva

So excited and blessed! During my time in the States God put on my heart to move forward in teaching fetal development, beginning in Krinkrin. God has provided! Riverways Pregnancy and Family Center in Salem Missouri donated our first fetal models and have supported me in training, prayer, and encouragement. Sarah has put her time into translating and creating some amazing material in the Miskito language and present it in a way that they can relate with and understand.

God has also shown himself faithful in preparing the hearts of a few of the ladies I will be working with in this ministry. They are awe stricken and pumped about sharing there new found knowledge with the ladies of the village. I’m excited to see how God will use this to open hearts and minds, with a new understanding, to begin cherishing the lives of the unborn. I feel blessed and honored to be a part of a work like this. I give a big Thank-you to everyone that has partnered with us in prayer as we continue to move forward in faith. We serve a good God!

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