Eva’s Sickness

June 16. Please pray for our daughter Eva She has walking pneumonia or cold pneumonia since last week, and the medication she was put on isn’t working. Since Saloma left last week, she is in KrinKrin without help, except for Chris and Daniel. Her oxygen levels are so low at times that her hands and feet go numb. They are looking to see if they have another medication in the village they can switch out with. Thank you for praying for our sweet Eva. We believe God will help her through this and heal her.

June 17. Update on Eva. She is doing much better by tonight. Her oxygen levels are up enough that she isn’t dizzy all the time, and her limbs aren’t going numb anymore. Thank yall so much for your prayers! We appreciate yall greatly!

June 21. Update from Daniel Yoder.

“All my friends who are prayer warriors, Eva Lee is in need of God’s healing and strength. She is on oxygen and had an extremely low point this morning. Her heart was wanting to give out. Taking a few sips of water took nearly to much energy for her. Her feet and hands were cold and had no feelings. Left arm and hand in a cramp. She is now resting better but far from doing good or even fair. I believe she had a mild heart attack. We are quite a way up river from the first town and Wednesday is the first flight available. We are asking our Father like it says in John if we ask the Father in Jesus’ Name we will have what we ask. PRAY”

June 22. Update from Daniel Yoder.

We gave Eva Lee IV last night again, she rested fairly good but didn’t sleep well. We just got her on the boat. I am hoping that she will get more strength in the little hospital in Waspam. After they evaluate her health, maybe fly her to Managua if she is strong enough for the trip. I am here holding down the fort and can’t talk the language yet. I can communicate somewhat but not very good.

June 22.

Thank you all for your prayers. Eva is in the hospital in Waspam. She is a little stronger but still haven’t been able to get a lot of help yet. Continued prayer appreciated.

June 23.

We have a finally have a few answers. They were unable to get on the flight to Managua so Chris rented a car and took her to a heart specialist in Bilwi (Puerto Cabezas) today and he ruled out a heart attack. So thankful! He said she has a bacterial infection that attacked the heart and caused her to have heart attack like symptoms. They admitted her to the hospital in Bilwi so they can treat the infection properly. She is still very weak but hopefully we’ll see improvement soon. Thank you all for your continued prayers!

June 24. Update on Eva. She is feeling much better, but is still extremely weak. They put her on strong meds to take care of the bacteria in her blood, and will spend about six days in the hospital. The heart malfunction she had was a result of this bacteria attacking a nerve somewhere in her intestinal tract that is connected to her heart somehow. So her heart is not damaged. The doctor said it will probably take close to 6 months for her to get all her strength back.

June 28. Update on our daughter Eva. She is doing much better, and was released from the hospital this afternoon. She is still too weak to walk on her own, so she will be staying in a motel room for a few days until she gets strong enough to make the trip back to the village. Thank yall for being on our team, and for all the prayers for her. God is good and faithful!

July 3. Update on our daughter Eva. She traveled home to KrinKrin today. She had gained enough strength to walk a little, but the 12 hour boat ride today was almost too much for her. She is extremely exhausted and weak, but at least she is home where she can rest now. Thank you to all of yall who care and prayed for our daughter. We are so blessed to have you on our team.

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