An Enemy Called Religion

Please pray for an Amish couple from Middlefield Oh who have become born again. When their married children found out about it they came into these new believers home and ushered the three children still living with their parents out the door, even with the mother telling them they can’t take them, and took them to another home in the community. They refused to let the parents take their children home with them when they went to get them, so the father called the cops, who came and removed the children and took them back to the parents.

During this time the older siblings had people there telling the younger ones that they don’t want to go home because their parents have lost their way and are going to hell, and that the parents have become like the devil and were going to try to deceive them so they would also go to hell. So even though the young ones were brought back to their parents by the police, they are so scared and traumatized by all the lies they were told about their parents that they refuse to talk to the parents. They spend their time in a room upstairs with the door locked and furniture pushed in front of it to keep the parents from coming in.

The parents are so heartbroken over the whole ordeal. They haven’t even left the Amish or done anything to warrant such extreme actions. Their only crime was, they were studying the Bible and realized that salvation was only by the grace of God, and they believed it and became born again. The word got out, and that’s why all this took place.

God is pouring out His Spirit over many Amish communities, and many are seeing and understanding the truth and becoming saved, which is really awesome. This is something we have been praying for for years. But the Amish are getting very desperate to try and stop this, and in the past year more and more are taking extreme measures like kidnapping and brainwashing as tactics to try and keep people bound to their religion. Thank you for praying for this precious family, as they will more than likely be excommunicated and shunned in a few weeks because of their new found faith. Also pray for salvation for the Amish people.

July 2.

Update on the Amish family in Middlefield Oh. I talked to the father/husband this morning, and they are so broken and sad right now. After seeing that no progress has been made with their children since they were brought back by the police, (because they get up every morning and run to their married sister’s house which is on the same property, and stay there until bedtime) they decided to take the children and spend a week at the lake together. But the children refused to go along. So the children’s non Amish friends invited them to come stay for a few days. The children wanted to go, but then refused to get into the same van as the parents who had hired a driver to take them to their friend’s house on their way to the lake.

Please pray for these dear new believers. Their foundation is being shaken. Pray for strength, courage, peace, wisdom, and discernment for the parents. And pray for the spirit of fear and the spirit of religion be lose their grip on the children, and that their hearts would turn back to their parents. Pray for the situation to change with the married daughter who lives on the same property and continues to brainwash the children daily.

There is some serious spiritual warfare going on. The same religious spirit that caused the Jews to kill Christ is the same spirit that drives these Amish to do this kind of thing against Christ followers today. So thank yall who have been praying and interceding for this family. We continue to believe God will turn this around and use what the enemy meant to destroy them with, and use it to make them stronger and more on fire to follow Him with all of their hearts.

Also a big thank you to the ones who reached out to us and wanted to help. We greatly appreciate your caring hearts, but as of now it is going to take God’s intervention to first do what only He is able to do. Prayer is still our request. The father also said to tell everyone thank you for praying. For those who don’t know the back story, read the story on my wall.

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