If you would like to give, you can choose one of the following options;

By mail to: Make checks payable to and mail to Religion to Relationship Ministries – PO Box 428 Salem, Mo. 65560

Or: We are pleased to also offer an online option for sending us your gifts and offerings. Your donations go entirely to our ministry. In order to remain above reproach, Religion to Relationship Ministries does not maintain a record of your card number.

If you choose to make a donation with your credit card, please give in accordance with what you can pay off monthly to avoid interest charges. Religion to Relationship Ministries believes that contributions like gifts and offerings are to be given from what God has already entrusted to you. Credit cards are often used to make transactions with money people do not yet possess, and therefore end up having to pay high interest charges.  We believe Proverbs 22:7 when it says, “the borrower is the slave of the lender,” therefore we discourage using credit cards if you can’t pay it off monthly, so you will be free from all unnecessary financial bondage.

Thank you, and God bless you!

Donate to the need of your choice.