Ministry Needs

We will try to list the items that we are in need of on this page, so that you can know how to pray and help out as the Lord lays on your heart. If you feel led to give toward a specific need, you can label your donation as for that, and know that we will use the funds for that purpose. Thanks to everyone who has given toward the needs we had listed earlier.


Monthly Sponsorship Needs

Sponser an elderly widow (food program)

Sponser a Christian nurse to work in the new clinic

Sponsor our daily radio teaching program

Sponsor our weekly television teaching program 





One-time Investments For The Kingdom

Sponser a Gospel Campaign (gas, food and supplies for a 3-day event)

Pay for an emergency run to the hospital

Property for a warehouse hub in Waspam

Help us build our multi-purpose ministry center in KrinKrin







$10,000.00 (donation)

-$10,400.00 (donation)

Amount Remaining = $51,180.00