Miskito Mission in Nicaragua

In 2012 following the call God placed on our lives we went to live with the indigenous Miskito Indian people in the remote village of Krinkrin in the rainforest jungle of Nicaragua to teach them the truth about salvation by grace in His Son Jesus Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit. The only access to our village is by boat about 5 or 6 hours from where the road ends. From there we reach out in various ways to many villages along the Coco River and the surrounding area.

We are committed to making disciples, leading people from a knowledge of Jesus to a life surrendered to Jesus.


The work here has been difficult, but by the power and grace of God we have been able to establish a group of believers who love the Lord and have dedicated their lives to Him. We also invite some of the local pastors to our Bible classes teaching them the Way more accurately, and train them to make disciples of their own people.

We believe that unless the spiritual darkness is broken and the hearts experience a divine transformation by the Holy Spirit, physical help is of little sustaining value. Yet remaining true to the example Jesus gave us, we believe physical help is essential, and also opens doors to invest spiritually into the lives of those in need.


Elements of the Nicaraguan Ministry

Evangelism and Outreach: God has opened doors into all different denominations along the river, allowing us to teach, preach, sing, and present dramas. Much time and effort is spent pouring into all who open their doors to hear the gospel.

 Pastor Training: As the truth of a Holy God is preached in the churches, pastors feel a great need to learn more so they can begin teaching their people deeper truths and what a fully surrendered life looks like. We believe this will be a huge step in breaking down spiritual barriers in this culture.

Radio Ministry: We record Bible teachings for broadcasting on radio stations, sharing God’s Word far along the river and into Honduras in the native Miskito tongue. We are on the air 15 minutes a day, five days a week. This has been a huge tool for spreading the gospel to those who might not get to hear it otherwise.

Discipleship: We believe discipleship is a vital part of raising up the next generation to love Jesus and follow Him regardless of what it may entail. Through one-on-one and week-long intensive Bible courses, we strive to obey Jesus’ command: “Make disciples…” (Matt. 28:19)

Children’s Ministry: From Bible classes and new-born care bags, to writing and translating books, and loving, feeding, and caring for needy children, we have countless opportunities for this ministry in all aspects.

Children’s Home: We praise God that this building is complete after several years of hard work. We are now waiting for government approval to begin receiving children. Until then, it is being used for Bible classes and meetings.

Medical Clinic: The medical clinic building is being used for a baby wellness program as well as teaching the mothers on critical issues. We are praying for a full-time doctor or nurse so we can operate as a medical clinic.

Elderly and Widows Sponsorship: Those enrolled in this program are ministered to and helped with $50 credit monthly at a small store to supplement their needs, as they cannot work in the fields and often have little help from family.

Community Improvement: As villages strive to improve their living conditions our goal is to work hand-in-hand providing things like clean water, building bridges, experimenting better ways of farming, as well as helping start up small businesses.

Gift boxes: Villages along the river are chosen each year to be the recipients of the Family Love Tubs, which bless them physically and open huge windows of opportunity to minister in these villages. These plastic tubs contain a variety of basic supplies such as laundry soap, toothbrushes, blankets, etc

Ways you can give.

By mail: Make checks payable to and mail to Religion to Relationship Ministries – PO. Box 345 – Houston Mo 65483