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“He is the light of the world,” “(Witin sika tasba ingnika).” Pastors from over 20 different villages up and down the Rio Coco, from every denomination had gathered together in our village a few month ago to learn more about Jesus.  After three days of being fed the W ord by Pastor David Gidcumb , Brady Weldon , and my Dad, each Pastor went back to their own village.

 But that wasn’t the end! In the weeks that have followed Dad has been invited to many different villages to preach the truth about our loving Savior. Doors have flown wide open to teach in any denomination and practically every church. Sadly enough we have had to turn down a few invitations  because of transportation issues and so much opportunity and so little time to do it .


As Dad mentioned in the last update , we are still without transportation of our own , which limits where we can go, and how long it takes to do what we do. Last Sunday we walked two and a half hours through the jungle to a village down river to preach , and then back . Even that was nearly too much for Dad with his health issues; and we continue to receive invitations from further and further up and down the river. Please continue praying about the transportation need .

On the days Dad isn’t preaching in other villages or down river buying supplies; mornings at 6:30 when he goes down the steps to lead bible study, until 7:00, or 8:00 in the evening he is busy teaching and answering questions.  From one on one consoling with those who are so hungry to learn more about God’s word , to seeing after the different projects in the ministry , he rarely gets a chance to breathe.

 Work for the rest of us has also increased with the many new opportunities. It is very tiring but we continue on, praising God for every opportunity.  We are excited and happy about Camille coming next week to join our family with this work. She is planning to stay for a year or more.

 “Before January when we all came to the pastor’s conference in KrinKrin ” stated one pastor on a recent visit to our home; “All of us pastors were just sort of sitting there, preaching in our own little churches, seeing how many people we could get to come in . But since the teaching at the Conference   here  a fire has  started burning, we have begun seeing it’s not about which religion you are in, because there really is only one God , and when we become God’s children, it is all by the same Holy Spirit, and He wants us to be one body. I want th is truth to be shared with everyone. I do not want that fire that started burning to go out, I want it to continue to grow because it is good!.”


We have also experienced the joy of two more joining the family of believers; a young couple hungry to serve our savior. Please be praying for Jerly  and Estevana. She is the pregnant lady that we took downriver in the middle of the night a few month ago, thus saving her and the baby’s life.

Potito & Estevana & Wester

We have been able to team up with a few of the local folks, willing to help with the experiment farming. It has proved so far to be very affective the way we are trying it now , and more and more people are talking about trying it themselves. These are ways that they will be able to use the same piece of land for years, instead of having to cut down a new section of the jungle every two years.





We also have restarted classes in the school from 4th grade through 8th grade this year, with licensing through Verbo Ministries who had done it for several years, but last year they were not able to continue the school. We saw the children either go without school, or get sent downriver to Waspam to live with a relative or friend while attending school there. With no parental supervision many have been destroyed because of drugs or sex trade. We also saw what a great influence we could have on the next generation if we get to invest in them at that prime age of growing up, teaching them bible principles and the truth about God. It is a big undertaking, but we are excited about the opportunity to reach these precious young ones, and are convinced that God is the one in control.

 Please be praying for continued strength for our family and for the doors to stay open for God’s word and Spirit to spread freely among the Miskitu people.

Thank you to the many who are so faithful in prayer and support. It is through our partners like you who make it possible for us to continue sharing God’s love as opportunities arise.   Sincerely, Sarah Lee

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  1. Praying for you all daily. The Lord bless you and protect you, the Lord make His face shine on you, and be gracious to you, the Lord look with favor on you, and give you peace. Numbers 6 : 24-26

  2. It is exciting to open your web site and see a new posting. We are able to see with your eyes and hear with your ears all that God can do with a willing heart. Our Lord is giving great opportunities to those willing to follow Him. The entire Lee family is an example of obedience to Christ by seeking those who seek Him.

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