Waiting on God by John

Hey y’all. I just thought I’d share this idea with y’all about “waiting” that God was teaching me, and put on my heart that there is someone else that needs to hear it as much as I did. I hear myself and others use the term “waiting for God” a bunch. And today God taught me something about that phrase. Are you waiting on Me? Or am I waiting on you?

After God convicts me to do something, or to not do something, I often find myself struggling with shoving it under the rug because it’s inconvenient and out of the norm to do it that way. I even often catch myself blocking it out when I catch the gist of where he’s going with what he’s trying teach me, by making myself busy, or do something that makes my brain active so I don’t have to “know” what he’s going to say. After a long time of me blocking it out I finally am able to not remember it anymore. So.. I’m all cool right?!? I’m not convicted of it anymore, so now I’m all comfortable and back to my safe zone! Life’s good! Till.. all of a sudden I start feeling like I’m stale and haven’t felt God move in a while! But why?? I mean, I’m not doing anything wrong! Why won’t he answer my prayers like he used to?? Why do I feel so alone?! Why can’t I feel his calling anymore?

I go to my friend’s and ask for advice. They say “wait on God! He’s just wanting to teach you something through silence”…I go to my pastor for advice. He says “be patient! He’ll break through. Just wait on God”… So! There I am! I don’t feel a calling to do anything anymore, so I just go about my life “waiting on God”.. I pray for guidance, but nothing happens. So I just go though out life being a good person. People ask. “so, what do you think you’ll do in the future?” I say, I’m waiting on God for guidance. And go on, and on, and on!

So in that case. Who’s waiting on who? I think I’m waiting on God. But in the same time God is really the one waiting for me to take that baby step that he asked me to take years ago so that he can teach me to take the next step, and so on. He knows that if I wasn’t able to take the first step in obedience, then I won’t be able to take the next! And the next! So now what I thought really was God turning his face away, was really ME drifting away from him. There are only two ways that you can go. Closer to him.. or further away from him. There is no medium. So right now, whoever you are, “waiting for God” maybe for a year now. Maybe for 20 years, and God still isn’t giving you the next step, rather than asking God “what should I do next”, you might want to ask him “God, what should I have done.”

Take the step, whatever it might be! For some it might be telling that someone about God, another it might be standing up and taking the lead of their family, another might be stepping away from an unhealthy relationship that you have a bad feeling about, yet your emotions are keeping you tied up in it. Whatever it is! Walk through it with his strength. Then ask him for the next step. And for all of us, for the future. When Gods voice starts whispering in your ear, DON’T block him out! Avoiding a moment of discomfort could lead to many years of pain. In all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:6 I love ya! ~John Lee

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