His Ways Are Always Best

Dear friends,
I greet yall in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I want to share with you some of the things that the Lord worked out, and revealed to us while we were in Nicaragua this time. Like many of you know, things didn’t work out with New Hope Ministries, as far as us taking care of the children’s home like we had planned. But because we had no doubt about the Lord calling us to minister to the Miskito Indian tribes, a few of us went down in faith, while many of you were praying, that the Lord would lead us to the people we needed to meet, and guide us to the place where He wanted us to minister at.
Well, God did not let us down! He obviously had His plans already laid out, and then led us through those two weeks revealing to us what the plans were. It was an amazing time of praying, praising, and worshipping our incredible Lord and Father.
The place where we are convinced He has called us to, is about six hours up the river by boat from Waspam, (the small town where we fly into with the little plane.) It is a very remote area in the jungle, with the village sitting on the bank of the Coca River. There are villages all along the river, and yes, there are many closer and much easier to get to. But the further upriver the poorer it gets, and the more needy the people are. This is in the area where it’s not uncommon for the their food sources to be so scarce at times, that they take and cut strips of bark off of a certain kind of tree and chew on it and give it to their kids who are crying of hunger, because even though the bark has no feeding value, it does calm the hunger pains so that they can sleep.
It will definitely be more difficult to accomplish things in this remote area then it would be in a place where there is road access, but the Lord made us willing to go to this place, which will be a good location as far as reaching out to the villages even further up river where very few people go, because of rapids in the river that don’t allow boats to go through, except when the water is really high. And I’m convinced that it is not hard for the Lord to accomplish what He desires. What He asks from us is to be willing to go where He leads, to be His hands and His feet to bring relief and salvation to the weary and the hurting. Our Father does not have a lack of resources, and I believe that He is preparing to raise up people, as He already raised up some, to be a part of this incredible mission.
When we were at the capital there, I picked up the forms that we need to become residents of Nicaragua, so for this next month or so I will be getting all the documents from our government, and get them stamped by the Nicaragua Embassy, so that when we go we will be able to get all that filed before we go out to the rain forest.
Our plan is to move to an orphanage in Porta Cabasas (along the east coast) for a few month, where our family can help out with the children there, and get some language lessons, while a few of us go up river to get us a house built. After we can move up to the village, we want to start building a children’s home right away, because there are so many children that are in harms way because of parents dying, or being ill to the point of not being able to provide.
We are getting really excited about going and getting started there, but we are also very excited that the Lord has stirred your hearts to have an interest in what He is getting ready to do there. We are blessed beyond words to have you in our lives, and for all the help and support you have been already. We love y’all, and may the Lord continue to bless your efforts as you go forth furthering His Kingdom. Your brother Eli, Leah, and family

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  1. Jim and Linda Thoma

    Linda and I agree with Barbara. And our prayers will also be with you. If only I had the courage of a small mouse, I could be there with you.


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