Short Update

Dear Friends,

Greetings to you in Jesus Name. I will try to do a quick update for y’all. Many of y’all have seen on Facebook about the things that have happened here in the last couple weeks about the accident I had, but some of you don’t have Facebook so if you would like to see what happened you can go to the next post down to read all the post made by the family during that time. 
  As for now we are still waiting on the government for our new residency cards. We have to renew them every year, and it takes a month to do it, plus we had to spend a few weeks with paperwork things from the church that covers us legally. (Centro De Fe, Esperanza, Y Amor) We are so thankful to them for helping us to minister as God has called us to. The other church in Puerto Cabezas that helps us a lot is Verbo Ministries. They are the ones who were there and made things happen on the ground when I had the accident. They are continually helping us do what we do, and are the ones who our children’s home will be licensed through, and are the ones training us about the laws and requirements of running a children’s home. Please pray for these churches as they are being obedient to God’s call to minister as they struggle to meet their every day needs. I am so grateful for them and their servants heart, working for God’s Kingdom and not for a religion.
  I am on my way up to Krinkrin, and plan to spend a few days there. Since it is going longer than we had expected, we felt the need to go and show my face again and reconfirm to them that we will be coming back. I think their greatest fear is that something will happen and we won’t come back, so especially with the accident that happened, and then being gone longer then we told them would not be a good thing. I am so excited to see them again and spend a few days there.
  I plan to come back down and be in Managua for the 18th when they said we need to be there to have our pictures taken for the new cards. From there we plan to all come back and head upriver. Since a big protest in Waspam where they captured one of the small planes that flew in there, there is now no longer a flight that goes to Waspam. So all the mission teams will be flying into Puerto Cabezas, and I will have to pick them up with the truck and take them the four to five hour trip to Waspam.This is the way the road looked about a week ago, but I think they have done a little work on it since.
Now that we are here a year, we are also getting our paperwork started for establishing our ministry in this country. So much excitement! Somehow I get the feeling that doing the Lords work is not boring. See y’all next round! Thank you so much for being a part of our team, and being serious about your walk with the Lord! Your brother, Eli Lee

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