Here is a short story about a lady from our village that passed away this past week.

Glenis and her baby - copia-1

Glenis, a name asociated with an angry women, hateful, disrespectful, prideful, Godless, and the favored child of her mother.

“Mary, Glenis passed out again, can you come check her blood presure” was a very comon anouncment from someone running down the hill toward our house.

After the birth of her youngest son Erti, Glenis struggled with constant sickness. Beings she was her mother’s favored child Ofelia (her mother) rarely left her side; often taking her to different villages looking for the best witch doctor to heal her daughter. After months of one witch doctor after another, God came to Glenis’s sister Karen (a faithful servant of Christ) in a dream one night saying; “Why have you not told your sister of my love for her, why have you not told her how she can be saved. I do not desire that she die without knowing me”.

As her sister lay nearly dieing Karen asked if the ministry would help pay for Glenis to go see a real doctor. The ministry paid for her fare down river, and once down river against her mother’s will Karen took Glenis to see a real doctor. Karen and my Dad spent hours teaching Glenis about the love of Jesus and how she could be saved. After many sleepless nights and continued battle with the sickness Glenis surrendored her life into the hands of her savior Jesus Christ. Her mother also made a profession of faith, that after a few weeks proved to be like the seed that fell among the rocks. “When I trusted God to heal my daughter he didn’t do a thing, I don’t care what God says anymore. I love my daughter more then him and I will do anything to have her healed”, Ofelia would say.

Glenis in plane-1But Glenis now trusted in her Savior and refused to give in to her mother’s rantings. “I know that God has saved me” she would say. “I know he has the power to heal me if he desires to do so, but if he wants to take me home to be with him, I am ready to go. I no longer want to look to the witch doctors for help, I know a bigger better power now, and he lives within me. I know the angry person I used to be, I know the hatred I had in my heart, but now it´s all gone, God has washed all my sins away; I now have a peace in my heart in place of the hatred, and I know nothing can ever change that. I believe in my God and I will not give in to Satan again”.

Through her sickness and many hours of teaching and encouragement from Karen and also my Dad when he got a chance, Glenis’s faith continued to grow.

After monthes of doctoring nothing seemed to help Glenis get better, always on the verge of death Glenis’s body continued to get weaker, and the opposition from the mother got stronger.


Glenis’s three youngest children had been staying with their aunt Laura who beat them daily and refused to feed them properly. When Karen came home for a week she took the children and leaving them in our hands to care for them, went back down river to be with her sister.

Here is a picture of the difference in the baby only a short time after he was in our care. Warmer, plenty of food, and a little tender living care.

God touched Dad’s heart when he was down river that he needed to go and pray for Glenis. As they prayed God showed Marcos (Karen’s husband) in a vision of how He touched Glenis`s body and healed all the wounds that Satan had inflicted on her body. As the next two weeks went by Glenis slowly got better, although she was still very weak.

One night in a dream God came to Karen and showed her an angel with a bow and arrow pulled back pointing at Glenis and said, “tell your mother if she does not repent from her wickedness, she will loose her daughter”.

Ofelia became more furious saying things like “If Glenis refuses to go to the witch doctors I hope that she does die, and if God has a problem with the way I have been acting he will just have to punish me, but I don’t care”.

At Glenis’s request we brought her home where she was able to see her five children. That night God came to Karen again in a dream and showed her the angel who had pulled the arrow back let it go and it went trough Glenis but it didn’t harm her, but the arrow went on out the other side and hit Ofelia and she fell to the ground in much pain. The next day against Glenis’s will, Ofelia with the backing of her family invited the witch doctors in to do their medicine on her daughter. All day they kept the doors locked and refused to let Karen in to see her sister, who was crying and begging them to stop doing the medicines on her, and asking to talk to Karen.

That night Karen and Marcos came to our house, and Karen shared what God had shown her. “I can’t do anything” she cried, “what God has said no one can change.” After we prayed and cried with them they went home, but before they reached their house we heard wailing and screaming coming from Glenis’s house. God had chosen to take his daughter home. Away from all the pain the trails that may before her. The arrow went through Glenis but it could not harm her because she beleived in her Savior, and is now with her heavenly father, but the mother because of her unbelief suffers loss. Sadly, Ofelia still refuses to repent but continues to say terrible things about God and against Karen, blaming them for killing her daughter.

How much God must love Ofelia because he choose to take her daughter who was ready to meet him instead of her herself, because he knows she is not ready to meet him.

Please pray for Glenis’s younger sister Laura as God has shown Karen that if her mother still refuses to repent and turn to him, he will allow sickness to come on Laura, because Ofelia has allowed her children to become her God. If Ofelia still doesn’t repent and turn to Him Laura will also die. Please pray for Laura’s salvation. Also pray for Ofelia that God would soften her heart and help her to surrender to Him, and for Karen as the battles seem unending for her. Pray for Glenis’s five chldren and husband as well as they struggle with the loss of their mother and wife.

Here is a picture of Glenis’a five children. The oldest daughter is married and has her own baby.

We continually praise God for his saving grace for Glenis! Pray for others like Glenis to come to the knowledge of the truth.

Thank ya”ll for your prayers, Sarah Lee

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  1. Elizabeth McConnell

    Thank you for sharing this with us back here, We just cannont imagine your life there, but one think I know, god blesses you over and over. I saw Mary wed. night, she looks so well and happy. I pray for your health, safety and all you need to continue to serve him, Much love and blessings from Duke and Elizabeth McConnell

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