Five Year Residents

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

April 7 2017

Greetings from the capital city of Nicaragua.

Finally, six months after our trip to Managua was postponed in November, on Monday we made the trip to renew our residencies. We kids caught an old school bus (public transportation) and bumped across the country on mostly dirt roads for twenty hours until we reached our destination. The ride was better than we had expected as the government is working on paving new sections of the road.IMG_2435

My parents took the smoother, less adventurous ride in a twelve-passenger plane and met us here. On Wednesday we spent all day at the immigration office and walked out that evening, Happy Legal Nicaraguan Residents for a full five years! We are super excited that they granted us the five years this time, because it will cut out this annual cost of expensive travel. We are truly grateful for all who have kept this process in your prayers and for those of you who gave financially to make it possible. God worked everything out perfectly. I can see that it was the best, even though waiting patiently was hard when most of our other plans revolved around this event. Trusting God is always rewarding!


Chris headed back on the bus today; Eva, Katie, Lizzie, and John plan to leave tomorrow. My parents will be traveling back by plane on Tuesday, and Mary, Camille, and I plan on visiting Honduras where Camille served for two years prior to joining our family in KrinKrin. Please keep all these travels in your prayers, that God will safely rejoin us soon.

Your Sister in Christ, Sarah Lee

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